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I am a spell caster and native healer trained in the African ancient art of spiritual and psychichealing by my forefathers who have been healing generations through the centuries past and present.

                        More About My Native Work

I deal with occult, mystism and the paranormal. I do email, phone and private readings and consultations to enable you take control of the situation and control your destiny. Please contact me for the following services:

My psychic professional offers you; Spell casting, Rituals, Native Healing, Protection, White magic, Black Magic, Ancestral Healing, Psychic healing and many more.


 Magnificent key products offered by spiritual prof Amaghudwana (spirit Rats hired)            Weekly hire fee cost in USA dollars $1550 Delivery                                                          AMAGHUDWANA is called spiritual rats which you can look after and keep it in your house for your own enrichment and better sustenance (Terms & conditions apply)                                                                                                                                       

What are the risks or complication of Amaghudwane Actually there is none of risks or complications of it according to people who have used it, the reasons should be because they are controlled and operated by natural ancestors of prof & mama kizza so nothing can go wrong when our forefathers are in control of everything. Which means this powerful spiritual healer takes care of everything about Amagundwane and you do not need to     worry about it. you just pay and wait for your wealth to grow.

Amayembe spirits (cash maker) 

Weekly fee costs in USA dollars $4500 Delivery 

AMAYEMBE is called an hidden jinn spirits which you can hire and put them in your business while it automatically fetches lots of customers in your business. What is Amayembe spirits? AMAYEMBE is called an hidden jin spirits which you can hire and put them in your business while it automatically fetches lots of customers in your business. It is also regarded as an invisible spiritual jinn individual which can do anything invisibly for  you without anybody to see or notice its movements. I recommend it is the stuff you need to have for a quick richness. It is also an amazing spiritual jinns which can trace and detect anybody / anything lost from anywhere / any place, It is a practical security soldier jinn’s (Gene) which is reliable for    protecting and fighting for its own boss without even needing a gun or any   security company to do the job for you.Why buy Amayembe spirits? You need to buy or hire Amayembe for you own   huge wealth increments, and invisible un dared security, If you need to make money or do any risky deals/business/ have properties, surely you need with having this you can even become a spiritual healer because they can transform you as one if you like, imagine they can even reveal to you anything do not know, but would have like to know. you can even become like a prophet if you have them permanently.

SHORT BOYS (Alien spirits from planets other than earth)                                               Weekly hire price in USA Dollars $3800 Delivery                                            

Invisible ninja spiritual jinn or spiritual commando what is called short boys spirits Short boys: are the Invisible Ninja spiritual jinn’s or spirits  commando (invisible) which you can command through the password provided to you by this spiritual miracle healer to fetch money from any place or anywhere and bring it to you without any body to notice it. For details about them contact this best traditional natural healer. 


IMPORTANT: I try to keep my prices low, but I don't cast free love spells as each ritual takes time and requires ingredients that sometimes are quite expensive. Thanks for your understanding!

*Disclaimer:Remember all spells casted are based on african traditional healings,as well as the terms conditions given by the healer  on a specific spell.| TEL: +27)734413030


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